COVID updates - Restrictions and local knowledge!

Updated: Aug 22

Here are NATS responses concerning the COVID-19. We update restrictions and local tips weekly to make sure you travel easily!


- We are offering a FREE Welcome/Safety packages for all our clients! That includes awesome items like a multifunctional bandana, a waterproof backpack, gloves, clothes and more! - Now offering for FREE battery powered shower, electric fridge and portable toilet so that you are fully autonomous anywhere you go. This way you will be fully self-contained!

- Each campervan is equipped with an ionic air purifier that kills viruses and batteries in the air.

- Over the last months, NATS has explored remote locations to make sure you can enjoy fully your experience of the Vanlife. We have prepared a list of measures/locations that we are excited to share with you upon your arrival! :)

- NATS is now offering short term rental to allow local communities to live the vanlife!

- We will provide updates once a week helping to adapt your trip with all rules and regulations in place per province.

These are only a few measures we are currently implementing to ensure the safety of all our customers. See below for the weekly updates.

* At the bottom, see the references by government bodies providing detailed updates about COVID-19.

UPDATES August 22, 2020

- The Government of Alberta announced a relaunch strategy, Phase 2 since June 12 (Phase 3 is expected to happen soon):

o Now opened: Movie theatres, pools, gyms, arenas, community halls, libraries and more.

o Cafes, restaurants, pubs reopened and bars fully reopened with no cap on the number of people

o Vehicle access to parking lots and staging areas on public lands and parks.

o Some retail businesses like clothing, furniture and book stores

o 50 People max gatherings indoor and 100 people max gatherings outdoor

o Museums and art galleries o Mask use is strongly recommended in crowded public spaces, like mass transit, that does not allow for the physical distancing of 2 metres apart.

- Alberta Parks fully reopened

o Online booking of campgrounds is currently open (

o First Come-First Served campground open (

o Campground reopen since June 12 at 100% capacity.

- Alberta outdoor activities required additional precaution:

o Practice activities in small cohort preferably same household or family;

o maintain 2m distancing;

o wear a mask in public areas;

o wash your hand regularly and carry and use hand sanitizer;

o avoid touching your face;

o download and use the ABTraceTogether mobile contact tracing app while out in public.

- Canada Parks are reopened since June 1:

o Campground reopen since June 22.

o Some national historic sites will re-open with limited visitor services. Check locations

o Visitors are permitted to access some trails, day-use areas, and green spaces at some locations.

o Businesses like restaurants, hotels, groceries store and more are reopened.

o Highways and roadways which pass through Parks Canada places will remain open.

o We strongly encourage all visitors to wear a non-medical mask or face covering when visiting indoor public spaces at any Parks Canada place

- BC Parks reopened parks since May 14:

o Include: Front and back-country trails, beaches, picnic areas, washroom facilities and boat launches for day-use.

o BC Parks Campground will be reserved for BC residents only.

o Private campgrounds and public land (free camping) will accept everyone.

- It's recommended to avoid travelling between provinces.

- US Border is currently closed for none essential travel. The border is scheduled to reopen on September 21, 2020.

Review the official websites below for the full details.



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