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COVID-19 updates

2020 was unquestionably a year of firsts. Many people had issues navigating the rules. And many more people felt lost and secluded from international travel restrictions. We, for one, felt lucky to have the opportunity to share our backyard with others.


In 2020, New Age Travel and Services reacted quickly to the pandemic. We began providing gift packs with safety gear to all our guests. These include buffs, waterproof bags, and hand sanitizer.

Also, we saw that the travelling landscape was and would continue to be dynamic. These vans needed to be self-sufficient and off-grid compatible. And so, we made our battery-operated shower, electric fridge and portable toilet free.

We have explored this area for years. We know the remote destinations worth visiting. We will be happy to assist you in getting to these locations and away from overcrowded areas.

New Age Travel and Services is being proactive so that none of our customers are at the mercy of government restrictions. We are keeping on top of regulations and will communicate any updates.


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