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The Deluxe Camper Van's AdVANtages

Number of Car Seat in the camper van rental calgary


Size of double bed in campervan rental Calgary

53"x 74.5"

width of campervan rental calgary


We often refer to our camping cars as "hotels with wheels". After all, there’s a comfy bed to sleep in, a kitchen to cook in and a spacious vehicle to drive between destinations. 


Well, what’s more like a hotel than a mini fridge and a Keurig coffee machine? Introducing our Deluxe Camper Van Rental with our most homelike kitchen set up yet. What’s more, we built the deluxe camper van with your electric needs in mind. The battery bank is 3x bigger than other vans in our fleet. This allows full off-grid autonomy. 


With this campervan, you can explore the open road and discover breathtaking landscapes at your own pace. There’s ample storage space under the bed and underneath the kitchen counter for your bags and groceries. 


All you need to bring is your luggage! We supply the basics like bed linens, towels, dishes, and even biodegradable dish soap. 


New Age Travel and Services is happy to offer this van as an easy entry-level camper for those who lean towards Airbnb but have an interest in camping. 


Soak up the sun or picnic at a lake; the possibilities are endless in this camper van rental!

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