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Number of Car Seat in the camper van rental calgary


Size of double bed in campervan rental Calgary

53"x 74.5"

width of campervan rental calgary


Want to try a camper van rental? Try picturing this: It's a beautiful starry night in the mountains, and you're sitting inside your camper van watching the wood-burning stove. The van is cozy and warm, and the gentle glow of the flames provides a soothing atmosphere. Outside, the stars twinkle brightly in a clear night sky, and your problems from home are a distant memory. 


That’s the #vanlife experience in our very own Penthouse Camper Van Rental from New Age! A romantic, cozy and unique road trip is at your fingertips. 


Its wood-burning stove and the Keurig coffee maker will keep you warm, while the refrigerator will keep your food and drinks cold. With a 100AH usable battery bank, you’ll have enough juice to charge your devices for days. 


The camper van itself serves as a mobile base camp, allowing you to easily travel to scenic spots in the mountains and set up camp (almost) wherever you like. Plus, the swiveling passenger seat gives extra hang-out space for those days you want to stay indoors. 


Make lasting memories with a camper van rental from us - book now and start your adventure!

The Penthouse Campervan's AdVANtages

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