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Rent a campervan for your next dinner by the beach

See our Fleet of Campervans for Rent with Everything Included

The Fleet


Each van in our fleet is like a fingerprint: intricate and unique. The different layouts and designs give every van a set of perks for your benefit. Take a look at the van descriptions to determine which one will make your dream vacation possible.

We have travelled in each of these vans, so we know first-hand what van travellers need. Even the things you didn’t know you needed! One of our favourite compliments that we hear is how well stocked the vans are.

New Age Travel and Services Campervans are perfect for enjoying the rugged Canadian wilderness. Our campervans have everything you need to escape the city in a mobile home at nature’s doorstep.

What's Included
honeymoon dinner in a campervan


150km per day is included for every campervan rental travellers
Portable shower is included when hiring a van with NATS
bear spray icon
Plates, cutleries, glasses are included when renting a van with NATS
Towels and clothes are provided with your car rental at no cost
FM Bluetooth transmitter is offered to listen to your phone music directly from the car radio
All RV rental from New Age Travel and Services comes with a BBQ
12V Fridge to keep your food and beverage cold when exploring nature
Electric system is perfect for off grid camping
camping chairs are included with every van rentals
camping chairs are included with every van rentals
RV Rentals included coffee makers to enjoy the scenic view of Peyto Lake, Alberta
Sheets come with every motorhome when renting from New Age Travel and Services
Pillows come with every motorhome when renting from New Age Travel and Services
Camping Toilet provides the maximum independence for off grid camping
hatchet icon
Games are offered by New Age Travel and Services if you are inside the van on a rainy day
With Road maps provided for free never lost your way in the Rocky Mountains
Brochure to explore local areas and discover secret gems in western Canada are inside the van
All vans are built with a solar panel connected to a battery for off grid camping
An electric extension is inside the campervan for using camping with services
First aid kit will be in the vehicle in case of an accident on highway 1
A basic Tool kits comes with RV rental vehicles of NATS
Fire extinguisher is included for safety over a night by the fire pit

What's Included With Every Rental

New Age Travel and Services cares about making your road trip the best it can be while at a budget price.  We include all the things you need to have a great and authentic vanlife experience.

Our RV rental price includes all the camping trip necessities which will help you “steer clear” of any surprises at checkout!

Below is a list of items we include with every van rental. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.




  • Electric cooler (Connect to the car when driving and at a campground with electricity)

    • The Penthouse and Deluxe campervans have a real refrigerator, see the description for each vehicle.

  • Two-burner propane stove + 1 bottle of propane

  • Utensils, knives, plates, bowls, mugs

  • Cooking pots, pans

  • Coffee press

  • Cutting board

  • Dish soap, all-purpose cleaner

  • 20L container (drinkable water)


  • All sheets and bedding

  • Pillows and pillow cases

  • Warm blankets


  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Carbon monoxide alarm

  • Essential tool kit


  • Games

  • Flashlights

  • Two camping chairs

  • Rope

  • Tarp

  • Hatchet (Cutting wood in the campground)


  • 12V Battery (30AH usable bank)

    • The Penthouse and Deluxe campervans have a 100AH usable bank.

  • Inverter 12V to 120V (Charging phone, camera, and computer)

  • Solar panel

  • * Gas generator inverter is available in the add-ons


  • 120V inlet 15 Amp to provide unlimited 120V supply inside the campervan

  • Electric Extension Cord


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