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Our Climate Change Efforts

Vacations in nature highlight the importance of conserving it. New Age Travel and Services has long since believed it takes everyone to do their part in the fight against climate change. Consumers need to make the right choices; companies need to offer ecologically safe options. After all, “buying is voting”.

With this in mind, it brings great happiness to announce our climate change efforts.

In our role as a business, we provide environmentally friendly goods for our customers. As entrepreneurs, we present an environmentally conscious way for others to reconnect with nature. And as a customer, we buy environmentally friendly products for our campervans from a local zero waste store: Without Co.

New Age Travel and services buying biodegradable products from withoutco

Our Environmental Commitment

We pride ourselves in including the “bear” necessities like towels, bedding, and complete kitchens at no extra charge. This also includes cleaning supplies. As such, we have a responsibility to provide goods that are safe to use in the wild.

New Age Travel and Services also works hard to uphold our cleanliness standard. This results in a more enjoyable road trip while ensuring the safety of our renters. We clean every touchable surface with disinfectant. Sufficed to say, we love clean vans -- but are not fans of exposure to chemicals.

So what’s a campervan rentals company to do?

Our answer: New Age Travel and Services commits to buying our household staples from Withoutco, a Calgary-based zero-waste store. Each campervan rental comes with biodegradable dish soap and all-purpose cleaners. Also, we use biodegradable cleaners and laundry detergents between bookings.

New Age Travel and Services campervan rentals #supportlocal businesses

Introducing: Withoutco

Fighting climate change through Calgary zero waste products

Withoutco is Calgary’s newest luxury low waste lifestyle shop and refillery. By offering merchandise in bulk, it provides a hassle-free, environmentally friendly option. "Life Without Plastic" is the store's motto. It perfectly encapsulates the company's vision: to sell high-quality products through low-waste alternatives.

Michelle (the owner and founder) also makes many items in-house. These include self-care items like bath bombs, body oils, bar soaps and candles. If you’re in Calgary and looking to kill time, head over to Withoutco. It’s in the trendy community called Mission in the South West of Calgary.

We couldn't think of a better company to support.

Feel free to contact New Age Travel and Services with any questions. Book your campervan rental, today -- or check out other tips & tricks on our news section.


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