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About Us

Van Life Canada & Our Travel Van Evolution

A Little Bit About Us

We lived the van life before it became a hashtag! 😉


After all, sleeping in a car was our most effective way to explore remote locations at an affordable cost. Traveling in our RV also offered the ability to see the top tourist attractions in the Canadian Rockies (and beyond) peacefully and at our own pace.

We want to share this alternative with the world, which is why we started our company.

The New Age Travel and Services team is here to ensure you have the best holidays of your life and get the most out of what your time in nature has to offer.

So, without further ado: it’s time we present ourselves!

Young man enjoying a SCUBA Diving trip in Nanaimo

Meet Joey
Scuba diving instructor, globe-trotter, hiker and founder

Joey began this company as a travel enthusiast who chased outdoorsy experiences and activities around the world. For more than a decade he explored the corners of the globe. Actually, his passion for exploration drove him to hike on almost all continents.


Several years ago, he settled down in Calgary near Banff, Alberta where he could practise all his favourite sports. RV Rental became the way he explored remote locations and wonderful landscapes in the comfort of his home. 

He had so much fun using campervan rentals that he decided to share his passion and knowledge with all travellers by creating his own RV rental company that will include everything–to the smallest details.

Meet Frances
Hiker, photography fanatic and our marketing “department”

Joey introduced Frances to van life in 2017. She has since fallen in love with campervans as a laid-back way to enjoy quality time in the mountains (quite comfortably she would add).


Hiking in Kananaskis, driving up the Icefields Parkway, and sitting atop the rocky mountain peaks have always had a special place in Frances’ heart.


Her photography hobby lends itself to the area considering the number of photographic spots (seriously, photographers – get out your cameras!) And, ultimately, discovering the hundreds of world class hikes and scrambles is where she feels the most connected with life and love.

Vanlife woman on a pretty Alberta summit.
Couple hiking in Alberta looking at the valley


Joey and Frances have a wealth of knowledge to offer travellers and are delighted to share it. One of us grew up in Calgary and knows the local secrets; the other moved to Calgary more than a decade ago and explored every corner of western Canada. 


SO, we know well the places to visit in the province and the surrounding area. We are active, outdoorsy individuals familiar with the city and the neighbouring mountain ranges. We write blogs periodically to make sure have the best holidays.


From our family to yours, we genuinely wish you the outdoor adventure of a lifetime with memories you cherish together forever.  And, if your upcoming trip is solo, we hope you find happiness in the present moment and clarity in life’s tough questions.

Wash Out

Our Values

Our mission is to provide you with a memorable, sustainable and safe vacation. We strive for perfection in all of the services we provide, from the moment you start planning your trip to the moment you return home.

Shopping at a zero waste store in Calgary for sustainable tourism initiatives

Sustainable Tourism

Time spent in nature highlights the importance of conserving it. 


New Age Travel and Services recognizes the impact that travel can have on the environment and strives to minimize that impact in our own business. We do this by including biodegradable soaps and other chemical free cleaning products with all our camper van rentals.


We use environmentally friendly soaps and detergents to clean between customers. And our Calgary-based zero waste supplier Without co. refills all our products and shares our commitment to sustainability. 


Plus, all campervan rentals were designed in an eco-friendly way to reduce their footprint during your holidays (and hopefully raise up your karma points). Fun fact: the Spiritual Nomad was created entirely from reused and refurbished materials.


Customer safety is also our top priority. Every van has its own fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector and safety kit. Plus, many of our customers want to enjoy the mountains. So, we include bear spray for the rare, but possible encounter with bears during your hiking. 


Finally, to all our customers, we offer 3 insurance packages, so you can have peace of mind during your vacation.

Closeup photo of bear spray on a mountain
Happy campers on a camper van road trip

Happy Campers

New Age Travel and Services is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service and support before, during and after your voyage. We take care of the vehicles ourselves and are available to answer your questions over the phone at any time. 


In fact, we maintain our vans meticulously ensuring every little item is in perfect condition when we hand you the keys.

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