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Number of Car Seat in the camper van rental calgary


Size of double bed in campervan rental Calgary

53"x 70"

width of campervan rental calgary


Meet our Cadillac of Campervans!


The First-Class Explorer is our most luxurious van; equipped with a sink, and an easy concept SHOWER. This campervan offers the maximum independence for off grid camping and is well adapted to campsites with services. For example, we built in an induction stove to boil water or cook food in minutes when hooked up to power. When camping off-grid, cook out the back using a propane burning stove.


Regardless of the weather forecast, you’re good to go!


An overhead ceiling fan helps circulate air on hot summer evenings and this extended van creates a spacious and cozy feeling when you are stuck inside on rainy ones. The bed converts to a couch to create a spacious living space. What’s more, it also converts into a couch the other direction so you can soak in the views behind you with tablets to leave your drinks.

The First Class Explorer Campervan's AdVANtages

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