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The Dream Weaver Campervan's AdVANtages

Number of Car Seat in the camper van rental calgary


Size of double bed in campervan rental Calgary

53"x 74.5"

width of campervan rental calgary


Tall campers rejoice!


The bed in this campervan was made so you can lay down the length of the van (rather than across the back). When you're done sleeping, you can create a more spacious living area and gain access to extra storage by converting the bed into a couch.


There is convenient access to water with an electric water pump and sink and a couple of different places you can cook. We installed tablets for optimal outdoor cooking on the side of the van or out the back. The Dream Weaver's hippy vibe, Nepali flags and calming colours are great for photo ops with friends and loved ones. Perfect for a couple’s romantic getaway.


Try out the campervan of every traveller's dreams. It was made with a cup of love and attention to all the details. 

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