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A Couple’s Guide to Romantic Getaways in a Campervan

Picture this: it’s you, your love, and the open highway. Your bags are in the back and google maps is on the dash. You’ve got some cool sights to see, mountains to summit and nothing but time. That’s the situation in any of our romantic getaways in a campervan.

The sunrise through the windshield of a campervan behind a mountain while on a romantic road trip

To many, that’s a dream come true. Freedom and exploration at its finest. To others, it is a bit worrisome. For those of you who cringed a bit, we came out with a few lessons we learned over our years of our personal vanlife experience. New Age Travel and Services has prepared a quick couple’s guide to your next romantic getaway in a campervan.

Go With the Flow

The French call it: lâcher prise. In English, it means to let go. We travel with the same mentality as we live. As it is in life, road trips have an element of planning. This especially holds true now. To see the top attractions in the Canadian Rocky Mountains you may need to reserve. That being said, we have also found that our best road trips always left room for spontaneity. If we heard about a must-see waterfall, adding it to our itinerary was not at the expense of another.

Plan for a couple of bucket list items. Studies show looking forward to an event correlates directly with increased happiness. Just be open to new experiences along the way.

It is also worth mentioning here that life takes a bit longer in a campervan. Couples take time to get used to organizing a van. The two of you are also in an unfamiliar environment. Most importantly, you will be in vacation mode. Leave wiggle room in your schedule to prevent any feelings of rush or distress.

Make Memories

I've heard the debate before. The one between taking pictures and enjoying the present moment. I agree we need to savour what is in front of us. That focusing too much on our screens takes us away from enjoying what’s in front of the screen. But there is value in photographs and making memories.

Pictures improve memory. They're like time machines catapulting us back to the moment in the picture. Find the balance. I find balance by making my pictures quick without analyzing them. The cropping may be poor, or the lighting is a bit off. But this way I appreciate what I am doing while bestowing future me with the gift of candid recollection. When enjoying romantic getaways, consider capturing the honesty in it to look back on. You will appreciate this forever.

A picture perfect dinner out the side of a campervan on a couple's vacation.

Additionally, take the time to make your moments picture-perfect. I say this regardless of whether you want to take a photo or not. For example, when making dinner. Put the effort into setting the table. Move the chairs so you’re looking in the perfect direction. Light those candles or start a crackling fire for the ambiance.

I kid you not, making dinner look nice somehow makes it taste yummier. It may seem trivial at first but when you sit down after, you’ll thank yourself. And your significant other will see the effort you put into the vanlife experience!

“Love is in the details” and it’s no truer than when on a couple's vacation.

Dream Together

One of the most beautiful things about road trips in a campervan is that it gets you out of your routine. It allows you to think outside the box. Einstein hit the nail on the head when he spoke about change. "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them". Embrace this. Dream. The vanlife experience is about connecting to your true self. Further, time in nature is perfect for self-reflection. There’s comfort in the majesty and solitude of the mountains. And being off-grid in a New Age Travel and Services campervan only amplifies that feeling.

These road trips are also a great opportunity for dreaming and sharing. On romantic getaways, there will be an ample amount of silence. You may find yourself dreaming. When a couple embraces a dream together in authenticity, their connection strengthens. Your relationship will blossom with the excitement of your future goals.

Plan Your Getaway

Maybe I’m just biased... But the Canadian Rocky Mountains are one of the most romantic getaways in the world. Further, campervan vacations are one of the best ways to spend quality time with a loved one.

Rainbow over the mountain showing the magic and romance in the Canadian Rockies

Contact New Age Travel and Services. We are an experienced couple who spends a lot of time together in vanlife experience and has a lot of more advice where that came from 😉

(587) 287-7127 or book online, today.


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