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The Best Hikes in Alberta

If you’re just starting to plan your outdoor adventure or have been researching Alberta hikes for a bit, you are likely realizing that finding the best hikes in Alberta is a tricky venture. Many visitors experience sheer shock from how many good hiking trails there are to choose from. Alberta offers a mountainous playground to the traveller and local alike. For one thing, we have views for days because there are mountains - a lot of them.

kananaskis lakes and mountains are the best in Alberta

New Age Travel and Services has been hiking these Rocky Mountains for more than a decade! Despite this, we still have great Alberta hikes to try for the first time. So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with which Rocky Mountain hikes to include on your campervan adventure – don’t! Here's a quick summary of the best hikes in Alberta (and a few in BC).

Our Rocky Mountain Views Are Amazing

The picturesque mountain views are among the top reasons Alberta attracts nature photographers from around the globe. The diversity of landscapes is another pull. There are the badlands, the waterfalls, and the enormous spires of the Rocky Mountains. Albertan landscapes flaunt it all.

We also have beautiful bodies of water. Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are two of the most photographed in Canada. The Spray Lakes Reservoir is huge, clocking over 19km squared. Not to mention, Abraham Lake forms methane bubbles in the ice, displaying a unique phenomenon and idyllic experience.

Infinite Hikes in Alberta

The Blogger Pierre-Luc Côté from “Explorer la Planète” decided to hike pretty much every day for 48 days. He would even hike twice on occasion. After all, he wanted to get the most out of summer. That's lots of hiking... And plenty of mountains! But what do you think he said after all those treks? He was astounded at the need to carefully select his mountains because there were “so many good hikes in Alberta!”

This is common feedback we get from people renting our campervans. The vastness of the Rocky Mountains is awesome.

One benefit of renting a campervan is that it’s easier it is to do more. You can hike further with less driving. After all, when in a campervan you can stay in national park campgrounds or park the campervan overnight in crown land. Don’t drive back and forth from your Airbnb. With New Age Travel and Services campervans, you can advance to the next mountain that much easier.

Our Cheat Sheet for Hiking Trails in Alberta

These are some of the best hikes in Alberta. What’s also awesome, they are all within a few hours' drive from the New Age Travel and Services pickup spot in Calgary. The information below is taking from

Happy hiking from New Age Travel and Services!

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