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The Perfect Gift Idea For Travellers

Great news, gift givers: we have the perfect 2021 Christmas gift idea for your traveler. It’s a gift card from New Age Travel and Services for a camper van rental out of Calgary. Visit our SHOP for more details.

Outdoorsy couple traveling Alberta in camper and the perfect Christmas present: a camper van rental gift card

New Age Travel and Services offers custom camper van rentals from Calgary. This ideal location is a short drive from fantastic destinations. Consider camping in Banff National Park; set out for stargazing in Jasper National Park. A myriad of possibilities are available in Alberta and British Columbia.

Van rentals in Alberta are gaining popularity. After all, they follow the van life trend! Further, 2021 giving trends suggest certain demographics prefer experiences over material objects. Finally, vouchers allow the recipient the freedom to book their dream 2022 travel plans.

Get them the best 2021 Christmas present your globetrotter craves.

Why’s This A Cool Christmas Gift Idea?

Hop On The Van Life Trend

The van life hashtag is trending. Also referred to as backpacker vans, travel vans or sleeper vans, camper vans are convenient. People everywhere are appreciating the effortlessness of our campers. Sleeping in a van coupled with the benefits of exploring the Rocky Mountains? Magic.

#vanlife is not only big on a global scale. Camper van rentals in Calgary Alberta are the ideal origin for their road trip.

For starters, it’s easy to get to Calgary. We have one of the busiest international airports in Canada. Yep - that means tons of direct flights.

What’s better, once you’re in Calgary it’s a hop, skip and a jump to the nearest breathtaking, outdoor adventure.

If your loved one is living vicariously through vanlifers on instagram, now’s the time for them to try it themselves.

Experience Gifts Are Popular (Especially Among Millennials)

So, you're brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for a traveler. Studies show this demographic prefers experiences over objects. Less knick knacks, more fun. Hence the adage: Traveling is the one thing you spend money on that makes you richer.

This all makes sense in a post-pandemic world. The opportunity for new experiences have been fewer and further between. After a couple of years in lock down, people feel the itch for new adventures. Including your beloved adventurer.

Unique getaways like Banff National Park report 4 million tourists per year. Because of the popularity, hotels in Banff are overpriced and unrealistic. A campervan rental in Banff is an affordable substitute to a Banff Airbnb - and way more of a unique experience.

Gift Certificates Are Thoughtful

Vouchers make cool Christmas gifts. After all, they’re a contribution to your friend's future happiness. Plus, they allow the recipient the flexibility to book the dates they want. Ultimately, camper van vacations depend on a few factors. For instance, vacation days, desired destinations and pursuits.

As for Christmas presents, the thought is what counts. A well contemplated present caters to the individual's needs. In the end, you’re participating in their future experience.

A dream vacation is within reach and your present will help get them it easier.

Go To Our Shop

Buy a cool Christmas gift in 2021. It isn’t tricky. Simply click the store link, and select the value you’d like. We have $50, $100, $250 and $500 certificates.

The various gift card options offered by New Age Travel and Services for you to gift to your traveler in 2021

Follow the steps through to payment and we will send you the gift certificate via email with your personalized checkout code.

Your loved one will input this code at checkout to receive the credit for their trip.

New Age Travel and Services' camper van rental vouchers are applicable for all bookings - no black out dates. Our company provides everything our clients need to enjoy their trip. And we offer 24/7 customer service.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to spread the van life in Calgary and help curious people enjoy something new.

(587) 287-7127

Happy holidays, everyone!


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